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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets & Wall Units in Dothan, AL

Fire is unpredictable, so there’s no way to see it coming. What you can do to stay safe in moments like a fire is prepare ahead of time and purchase fire protection equipment. Here at Dothan Commercial Doors in Dothan, AL, we provide a wide range of fire safety equipment options.

Be Prepared With the Proper Safety Equipment

You never know when a disaster will strike. Be ready for the worst situations with our fire protection and safety equipment. Protect yourself, your employees, and your business from a dangerous situation with the right tools. Keep a quality fire extinguisher nearby and stay safe.

Easy & Convenient Access

In case of an emergency, you will want your fire extinguisher easily accessible; however, you also don't want it to be tampered with by children or the public. That's where our handy cabinets and wall units come in. Every business has to have a certain number of fire extinguishers based on the square footage and occupancy set by the architects. Find out what your number is to be completely prepared. Both our fire extinguisher cabinets and wall units come in a variety of sizes.

Our Brands:

  • Larsen's Manufacturing Company

  • ASI Lockers 

The Best Fire Protection Units Just for You

  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

  • Fire Extinguisher Wall Units 

Get Prepared Today

Want to install a new fire extinguisher wall unit or cabinet but need to know you're receiving the best price for the job? Give Dothan Commercial Doors a call to find out more information and for your FREE estimate. We’ll help you decide which fire protection unit is best for your commercial property.

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